“National Center of Medicine” consists of 5 Health-Diagnostic Centers (Consulting-Diagnostic, Clinical, Pediatric, Perinatal and Republic Cardiologic Centers) with 45 clinical specialized departments, which have 737 beds, 5 reanimation departments, 20 operating rooms and a polyclinic with a capacity of 905 visits per shift.

Every year, in “National Center of Medicine”, more than 20,000 patients receive in-patient care, more than 50,000 patients attend out-clinic departments, more than 2,000,000 researches, 12,000 operations and 2,000 child deliveries are conducted.

The activity of “National Center of Medicine” highly influences on the health indicators of the entire population on the Republic, such as death and birth rate; maternal, infant and perinatal mortality rates, circulatory system morbidity, etc.

“National Center of Medicine” is a clinical base for the students of Medical Institute of NEFU and Yakut Medical Base Community College.

In 2013 “National Center of Medicine” completed the task on introduction Quality Management System, which resulted receiving the certificate of conformity to requirements ISO 9001:2008.

Every year “National Center of Medicine”, as the largest multisectoral medical organization in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), actively promotes high-tech treatment methods for the patients. At present, the high-tech treatment is being provided in 18 medical disciplines. In total between 2007 to 2019 the high-tech treatment (HTT) was provided to 7,948 patients, including 2,691 were paid by the program of Compulsory Medical Insurance (CMI) and 5,257 – were provided with HTT, which is not included in Basic Program of CMI.

Since 2000 on the basis of Clinical Center’s Cardiosurgery Department the workers have performed 7,913 operations on heart, including 2,662 – under the conditions of artificial blood circulation, also 1,055 aorta-coronary bypass operations. In 2019, the physicians in Cardiosurgery Department have performed for the first time:

  • resection of post-infarct left ventricular aneurysm at working heart under the condition of assisting artificial blood circulation with mammaro- and aorta-coronary bypasses of damaged coronary arteries;
  • transfer-aortal plastic of mitral valve on Alfieri and aortal valve prosthetics with a mechanical prosthesis under the conditions of artificial blood circulation;
  • operation on a patient with a chronic cardiac insufficiency – using the method of resynchronizing heart pacing.

In total between 2001 to 2019 the doctors performed 111 kidney transplants and 20 liver transplant, including 19 cadaveric kidneys and 5 – livers.

In 2018 the most important achievements in this discipline were an operation on heart transplant, multiorgan recovery of organs for donation with performing transplants of 2 kidneys, a liver and a heart to 4 patients. In 2019 the operations on multiorgan recovery of organs for donation and organ transplants were continued.

Every year in Surgery Departments №1 and №2 of Clinical Center the doctors start to perform new and more difficult videoendoscopic operations in case of gastrointestinal tract organs’ severe diseases, including cancer. In 2019 – endoscopic wirsungotomy, wirsung duct stenting, real atypical torascopic resection of lung in case of echinococcosis, laparoscopic gastrectomy in case of malignant neoplasm of stomach. Also, laparoscopic plastic of abdominal wall in case of post-operation hernia. The quota of HTT is compiled for the discipline “abdominal surgery”, which has the most difficult reconstruction operations on benign tumors and liver echinococcosis, in case of esophagus stricture and severe diseases of large intestine.

In Perinatal Center the operations are performed successfully under the conditions of placenta growing into other organs, endosurgery methods for appendages and tumors of uterus, uterus extirpation. In accordance with the program of HTT on specialty “Obstetrics and Gynaecology” in Gynaecolog Department the women with diagnosis “habitual miscarriage” receive the therapy with usage of genetically engineered medicines. The following methods were implemented: TAR – anesthesia, paravertebral blockade in OARIT A, metroplastics, distal hemostasis, the ability to keep new mothers with their newborn children in OARIT wards.

At present Medical-Genetic Service is in all disciplines of medicine, such as Cardiology, Oncology, Transplantation. In laboratories of Medical-Genetic Center at current time it is possible to identify not only a karyotype and genome of a patient, but also a predisposition to certain diseases and benign tumors. One of the promising area of research is genome sequencing development in order to clarify diseases. In Yakutia, with usage of NGS-tech, for the first time the doctors discovered Type 6 Neural Ceroid Lipofuscinosis – a severe neural disease with mortality up to 10 years. Homozygous mutation in gene CLN 6 was also discovered.

Every year the completed cases rate on In-Vitro-Fertilisation (IVF) by the CMI Program increases; assisted hatching, cryopreservation and cryo-transfer in Department of Assisted Reproductive Technology (DART) were implemented.

In 2018 the biomaterial preservation bank was founded (donor semen, oocytes) and still functions.

In Pediatric Center the surgery of newborn children is improving with success. Also the staff is changing the equipment for minimally-invasive endosurgical hardware, the mortality rate of newborn children with surgical pathology was reduced to 3,5%. The new methods of surgery were implemented, such as endosurgical sanitations of abdomen cavity in case of peritonitis, new plastic reconstructive operations in case of kidney development disorders, urethra – laparoscopic pyeloplastic, treatment of hypospadias, epispadias. Torascopic operations on babies and newborns are performed – lobectomy in case of a lung disease, plastic of diaphragm defect — congenital diaphragm hernias, torascopic esophagoanastomosis — esophageal atresia, proctoplastic – anus atresia, congenital agangliosis of large intestine.

Since 2017 the doctors perform operations on implanting cochlear implants for children with congenital deafness, at the moment 23 operations were completed.

In Roentgenosurgical Diagnostics and Care Methods Department of Consulting-Diagnostic Center the workers actively implement new and highly recommended methods of treatment. The method of surgical treatment in the endovascular way for arrhythmias was implemented and has been used for several years now. Since 2014 the surgeons have performed 143 radiofrequency heart ablations. This year in the Republic the Medical Center performed 8 operations on arrhythmia treatment with usage of innovative cryo-cylinder «Arctic Front Advance». The operations were performed with usage of the “treatment with cold” method (cryoablation), which bases on extreme freezing of myocardium areas, which are the source of arrhythmias formations. The innovative method helps to shorten operation time while keeping the same procedure safety, and also it is easier and more comfortable for the surgeon. Unlike radio frequency ablation, this method is safer and more painless. The doctors use this in case of different kinds of arrhythmia, due to which post-operational recovery goes much faster.

Also the operations on chemoembolization of liver-tumors feeding arteries were performed for the first time. The second year in a row the physicians of department learn new methods of treatment for the patients, suffering from chronic lower-limbs arteries diseases.

Furthermore, Consulting-Diagnostics Center implemented diagnostic researches: all body diffusion (WBD) for cancer metastasizes searching, MRI of heart, MRI of placenta, foeticide and mammary glands, low-dose X-Ray CT scan. New protocols for radiation exposure reducing, which help to lower radiation dose without losing diagnostic information, panels of sarcoma tumor marker and fetal echocardiography were enhanced.



Providing high-quality, safe, specialized and high-tech medical assistance.

Protecting and strengthening the health of the population and encouraging healthy lifestyle.


To undertake our mission, we conduct the following



  • improve patient’s satisfaction by providing them with high quality medical assistance;
  • maintaining and improving of staff training, creation of conditions for increasing their motivation to provide high-quality medical care;
  • introduction and application of advanced technologies for the diagnostics and treatment in practical activities;
  • continuous improvement of the living conditions for patients;
  • sustainable use of human, material and financial resources to address quality challenges;
  • mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers to improve the quality of health services;
  • further development of material and technical basis;
  • continuous improvement of the activity of “National Center of Medicine”, based on the principles of the quality management system with the international standard.